Oxygen is the most important element activating energetic cell processes in human body. In normal condition oxygen is taken out of air during breathing. Concentration of oxygen in the air is approximately 21%.

Oxygen is also actively involved in the metabolic and regenerative processes in the body, removing fatigue after physical exertion, stress, nervous and mental overexertion, relieves headaches.

Lack of oxygen in the cells (hypoxia) leads to functional and organic lesions in various organ systems (primarily respiratory, nervous and cardiovascular systems). Lack of oxygen to the body may be associated with the states, due to difficulty in delivery of oxygen to the airways to the alveoli, impaired alveolar-capillary gas exchange in the alveoli, reduced oxygen binding to hemoglobin in the blood, slowing the delivery of hemoglobin saturated with oxygen to organs and tissues, decreased oxygen utilization in cells.

Oxygen Therapy

Oxygen therapy is widely used in medical practice, treatment techniques based on breathing pure oxygen or a gas mixture with high (relative to the oxygen content in air) oxygen concentration.

There are a lot of diseases associated with deficit of oxygen in the body, such as those that are associated with:

  • impaired oxygen delivery to the alveoli
  • poor alveolar-capillary gas exchange
  • abnormal saturation of oxygen in the hemoglobin
  • failure of the oxygen delivery to vital organs
  • impaired utilization of oxygen in tissues and organs

Oxygen Bar at Home

Just recently became very popular new equipment for aromatherapy with oxygen. Due to the deteriorating environmental situation in the world this trend in health promotion is becoming increasingly important and popular.

Our equipment is based on the inhalation and oxygen. The equipment allows the inhalation of oxygen with a variety of essential fluids. When inhaled, this mixture is antiseptic, stimulating or calming, depending on the applied formulations. Fragrances oils in oxygen mixture can improve immunity, increase metabolism, relieve fatigue, stress, tension, or have a tonic or antiseptic.

Our specialists pick up for you and make a mixture of aromatic compounds. After trying a new therapy, you will feel renewed, refreshed, full of energy and positive emotions, and it means - you prolong your life!